Application Stories

We understand how useful and interesting application stories for the temperature control industry are. As a result we are committed to building a growing library of resources for our customers to read. Please follow the links below to open the case study PDFs and read more. 


Title  Description Product
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Read about the temperature control challenges facing manufacturers of air cooled heat exchangers and how West Control Solutions helped. Pro-16
Temperature Control for Investment Castings Learn how the Pro-16 meets the challenges of investment casting applications to provide built-in profiling capability and limit alarms. Pro-16

Achieve precision control of infrared heaters with the new Pro-16 Temperature Controller

The Pro-16 from West Control Solutions provides a simple but multifunctional method of temperature control to manufacturers of infrared heaters.


Benchtop Batch Oven Manufacturers Gain Real Competitive Advantage with the New Pro-16 Temperature Controller

The Pro-16 temperature controller from West Control Solutions fulfills an increased number of application requirements for industrial benchtop batch ovens.

West Control Solutions KS98-1 Controller Improves Inline Blending

West Control Solutions has engineered an application program for its latest PMA KS 98-1 industrial process controller, which has been dev eloped to enhance the accuracy, speed and functionality of inline blending applications.

KS 98-1

Temperature Control in Batch Furnace Applications

(Batch Furnace)

Learn how one company updated their temperature control process with the use of dual loop controllers. Pro-EC44

CAL Controllers Boost Business for Aerospace Component Processor

(Industrial Ovens)

Learn how the flexibility and profiling power of the CAL 9500P temperature controller has provided an exceptionally powerful solution for Active Magnetic Inspection Inc. (AMI), a US company that treats and inspects fasteners for the aerospace industry. CAL 9500P

CAL Controllers Enhance Quality of Medical Research

(Laboratory and Test Equipment)

Learn how CAL temperature controllers are helping laboratory OEMs to provide the best possible conditions for research into the treatment of diseases such as cancer. CAL 3300

KS98-1 Temperature Controller Boosts Boiler Efficiency

(Steam and Hot Water Boiler Systems)

Find out how the KS 98-1 is being used to reduce energy consumption, minimize energy losses, maintain availability and prevent plant downtime. KS 98-1

KS 94 Enables Precise Spice Extraction

(Food and Beverage)

KS 94 industrial controllers have significantly improved production quality at a spice extraction plant in Hagen, Germany. The easy-to-use controllers have enabled the workforce to process recipes with the utmost precision. KS 94

KS 98-1 Enables Energy Efficient Oven Refit

(Industrial Ovens)

KS98-1 temperature controller has enabled a major component manufacturer to achieve a swift and energy efficient upgrade on its process oven that has significantly improved product quality.
KS 98-1