How do I set up retransmission on a CAL CAL9500?

To set up the linear output on a CAL9500P controller to retransmit the input signal out to another device (e.g. a chart recorder or remote indicator).

Enter the following settings:

1. SP2.d = AnLG
2. SP2A = FS.hi
3. Bnd.2 = the same as scale range (e.g. if the input range is -50 to +50, Bnd.2 would be 100)
4. Set.2 = 50% (mid-point) of scale (e.g. if the input range is -50 to +50, set it to 0°C, or for 0 to 80, set 40)
5. CYC.2 = 0.1 seconds

Note: Not all CAL9500s have an analogue output, and those that do only have one.