Can I install the West P-series configurator in two languages on one PC

The West FTP configurator software for the P-series controllers & indicators supports English, German, French, Italian & Spanish, but only one language can be used with each installation (selected and fixed the first time the program runs after install.

This workaround allows more than one language to be used:
1. Install the program as normal and set up for your main language.
2. Then go to the install folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\West\FTP Configurator 4.12) and make a copy of it. For example, if I wanted German as well as English, I might copy it as C:\Program Files\West-German\FTP Configurator 4.12.
3. In the second version, open the file Configurator-DB.mdb using Microsoft Access, and then double click on CONFIG_GEN.
4. In the database table, change the language to which ever supported language you want for the 2nd version. Note: This must be written in English – don’t put Deutsch for German).
5. Lastly create a short-cut to the executable file (Configurator_EN-Rel_4.12.exe) in the copied location and save this to your desktop.
6. Use this shortcut to start the program in the 2nd language.