How to change the hardware definition code on West N series products

Most West N series products have a hardware definition code (dEFn) that is use to tell the controller what the input type is and what option modules are fitted. This applies to the current N6400, N6600, N8600 and N4400 models, and also to the old N6100 etc. It is not required for the later P series products which automatically identify their hardware.

dEFn can be viewed from the controllers Operator Mode or Setup Mode, but it can only be changed from the Configuration Mode.

The Hardware Definition screen will flash if an attempt is made to change the value whilst it is being viewed from either Operator Mode or Setup Mode, and no change will be made to the value.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing dEFn will cause all of the Setup Mode parameters to go back to their default settings, so you must make a note of any settings that you need to put back. The 4 decimal points will all light up when the unit is in the default state.

To change the hardware definition code, follow this procedure exactly:

  1. Power off the unit (configuration mode can only be entered immediately after power on)
  2. Power on the unit and enter Configuration Mode (hold down the UP and SCROLL keys as you power up until you see InPT in the bottom display).
  3. style="line-height: 22px;"Next press the DOWN and SCROLL keys at the same time. You should now be in Hardware Definition Mode. You will see dEFn in the bottom display and the current definition number in the top display.
  4. Use the UP or DOWN keys to change the number. The first digit of this number equates to the input type, the next three are option slot 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
  5. You must press the HAND (auto/manual)** key immediately after you change the number to lock in the new value. If you don’t do this the old value will return.
  6. Press the DOWN and SCROLL keys to exit from Hardware Definition Mode. You will again see InPT in the bottom display and the top display will show a number equating to the default range for the input type.
  7. Press the SCROLL key to check that all other Configuration Mode parameters are correct for the application and also make a note of the LOC parameter value (you may need this value later).
  8. Exit from Configuration Mode by pressing the UP and SCROLL keys together.
  9. Enter Setup Mode by pressing UP and SCROLL together. You will be asked to enter a uLOC number. This is the number that you saw in the LOC parameter in Configuration Mode.
  10. In Setup Mode, put back or change any values that you need for your application. Doing this will clear the decimal points back to normal.

**For the N6400 press RUN or for the N4400 press MODE at this point in step 5.