West P-Series Err Message

The error message Errx means that the instrument is unable to identify the module fitted into slot "x".

During power-up, the instrument inspects each option slot to see what type of module is fitted, so that it can offer the appropriate menus to set it up.
It does this by measuring an "ident" resistor fitted to each module. The value should fall within specific range for the module to be recognised. If the value is not within the know value range for any module Errx is displayed.

If the problem persists after the power has been cycled, it could be due to a fault with the module, but conceivably it could be the measuring circuit on the instrument main board. If the user has other option cards fitted/available, swapping the module in the affected slot would prove which is the case.

If it is just the module at fault, obtaining a new one would be the best solution.
If the instrument itself is suspected, especially if the problem still occurs when powered up away from the machine to ensure that it is not the result of external influences, the instrument should be returned to the Service Dept via the RMA system